pondělí 17. března 2014


I´m posting just few photos from sunday and I´m thinking about 
making some changes on this blog, so..stay tuned:D)


středa 5. března 2014

nothing stops me

just three photos as I had a low battery in my camera, lol:D


neděle 2. března 2014


I have turned eighteen on 29th of February ( I was born on the leap-year, so I celebrated it on 1st of March:D). But althought I´m eighteen, nothing has changed yet, I feel still the same:D)
I´m soo happy now cause I got the best present - a sewing machine!( And now I have to learn how it works, because I don´t have a clue how to use it:D)
I´m posting some photos from sunny yestreday :)