pondělí 24. února 2014

sobota 22. února 2014

beautiful dreams

just few photos taken at home :)
I´ve been having holidays this week but actually I don´t feel like having it due to all the schoolwork:/
I´m turning 18 next week, yay:D) It feels so weird:D)
Hope you´re having a good time :)

sobota 8. února 2014

too many possibilities

Hi :) I´m posting some photos from today taken in a gallery in Prague :) I used to work there but I can´t anymore:/  I really love the gallery, there is such a nice atmosphere! :)

neděle 2. února 2014

the eternal sunshine

Hi :)
I apologize for the lack of posts this week, but I was a bit sick and spent most of the time in my bed:) 
Anyway, my plan was to make my photos look better, so I changed light and other things in my camera...well, all the photos I had saved in my computer had changed into different format and I spent about 3 hours converting them to JPEG .But that´s not all - they got some really strange "effect" with this fucking pink everywhere, so I´m really sorry for this:D) i really hope it will be better next time:D)