sobota 25. ledna 2014

Drinkin´ cherry schnapps in the velvet night

Finally weekend! While I was taking these photos in the morning, I swear I could feel my fingers freezing:D) Seriously, is it only me who wants to stay in bed the whole day due to the weather?:D)
It seems this post is a bit overfilled by my photos (as usual:D), sorry.
Enjoy the weekend! :)

středa 15. ledna 2014

If the world was blind, how many people would you impress ?

just a few photos from this busy week, taken in a swimming pool:D)
Althought I don´t like this outfit that much I´m posting it, so I hope you like it at least a bit:D)


sobota 11. ledna 2014


Finally a new post after few days and sleepless nights. I have like an incredible amount of school work to do till next Friday:/ Hope you´re having better time! :)


pátek 3. ledna 2014

Berlin love

As I don´ t have any outfit to post I´ve decided to show you some photos from Berlin I visited with my friend a month ago :) I don´t know if you are interested in it these types of posts but I am, so I hope you´ll enjoy it too :).
We spent there three days and I still can´t believe how many interesting places we saw - we visited typical monuments in Berlin, museums, many galleries, Berlin pubs, streets covered by beautiful street art and we still managed to do some shopping of course:D)
(It was trying not to choose too many photos, but I couldn´t help myself, sorry:D)

the best pub in Berlin

sorry for the bad quality:/
Berlin at night 
Garage second hand  

one of the museums

 one fo the hundred galleries we visited
 I really liked this one!

 why can´t we have this in Prague? :(D
Have you read " We children from the station zoo?" I have always wanted to see this place since I had read it.
Anne Frank´s museum
 Tachelles - a part of Berlin covered by art..everywhere