neděle 10. března 2013

Maybe we should all get drunk and tell each other what we are afraid to say sober

Dnes jen v rychlosti outfit :) Spěchám na trénink a po příchodu domů mě čeká matika a fyzika:D

pátek 8. března 2013

I'm tired of feeling like I'm fucking crazy

Ahoj:) Přidávám fotky ze včerejška, kdy už naštěstí nebyla taková zima, tak jsem toho musela hned využít a vytáhnout letní sukni:DD

Hi, I'm adding some photos form yesterday, fortunately, it hadn't been that much cold, so I could wear my summer skirt, haha:DD

středa 6. března 2013

you've applied the pressure to have me crystalized

happy sunny afternoon! :))
I'm actually really happy when the weather's so nice today, all my bad mood is suddenly gone:D So, after a long while I have an outfit post for you :) There's been a little delay in my posting, caused mainly by the fact that I have got so much to do for school and I don't have much time for blogging:/
I will be posting more often, I promise:D So here are the photos, hope u like them :)
And I forgot to say that I found this awesome jacket in secondhand yesterday!:D