úterý 13. listopadu 2012

Flower power

Hi :)
Today I'm posting an outfit which I took during the weekend, this outfit seemed to me a bit simple and classy(:DD) for me, so maybe that's why I'm wearing so many bracelets and necklaces..and of course - my headband( scarf:D).
Time flies and nothing changes, I'm just spending time learning, doing homeworks, checking fashion blogs, eating..and when I'm lucky - sleeping.Even in the weekend I don't have much time for things I wanna do, really looking forward to Christmas, can't wait! :))
Have a beuatiful rest of the week ! Katty :)
DIY cropped t-shirt originally from Zara, HM jeans, Humanic shoes, diy friendship bracelets, headband/scarf from HM, Topshop bra and bag

sobota 10. listopadu 2012

baby, can you see trought the tears?

Hi :)
So here's comin' another outfit which I wore today, I woke up, went to maths tutoring, then returned back home for lunch, cleaned my room, watched Gilmore girls and then I realized I should make an outfit post, but there wasn't anybody who could take photos of me, so I went to yard(:D) and make some photos on self-timer :)) The t-shirt I'm wearing is bought yesterday in secondhand, supercheap, haha:D Cause that's all I can afford now:D 
In the previous post a lot of you didin't understand why I don't like black colour:D So, not that I would hate it, but it 's too...dark and boring for me:D It's also because I don't like when people wear only black colour, cause they're afraid to wear any other colours, so they rather wear black t-shirt, trousers, shoes and jacket, I understand that someone like black( I like it too, in case I'm not dressed all in black :) And I realLy love colours, especially in summer, mainly neon ones!:D

hat - CA, t-shirt - secondhand, shorts - Topshop, overknees - Calzedonia

pátek 9. listopadu 2012

waiting for better times

Hi :)
So here's my outfit from yestreday :) I don't really like black, so I dunno why I have so much black on me in this outfit:DD But I love my new hat, I wear it everyday with everything!:D
Hope you're having a good time :) Nice Saturday to everyone, I'm gonna be learning maths all the weekend:D Bye :)

Sweather - Ann Christine, skirt- second hand, belt- HM, shirt - HM, hat - CA, bag- Topshop, necklaces- HM, DIY, votocvohoz

čtvrtek 8. listopadu 2012


Photos from yesterday :)

středa 7. listopadu 2012

leopard love

Hi !:) Here're some photos with my leopard coat :)
Nice Wednesday to everyone! :)

coat- Mango, hat - CA, skirt - secondhand, thights- Calzedonia, shoes - bought in France, bag- Topshop

neděle 4. listopadu 2012

Autumn has come.

Hi! So I'm adding only few photos from yesterday taken in a park, beautiful leaves everywhere! Hope u like them :) 

   poncho, bag - H&M, leggins - Romwe, shoes - bought in France, sweather - secondhand, scarf- C&A, earrings - gate

New beginning

So I decided to start blogging again, I deleted all the old posts, so I'll have more space for the new ones(:D) Hope you'll like it here :)